Supply Chain Risk Management

With the support of AI, let us monitor your supplier network.
  • Supply chain networks are more and more complex. And unfortunately more complexity means more risks ! How can I be
    on top of everything, 24/7 ?

  • The regulatory environment is extremely dynamic too. With the German LkSG and soon the European CS3D more and
    more companies will have the obligation to integrate risk-based due diligence into corporate policies.

  • With our expertise, methodology and tool we make sure you understand the impacts for your business. We assist you to
    be ready for those deadlines implementing efficient processes and tools. Combining top-down and bottom-up
    approaches, you gain a full transparency of your supply chain.

  • We map your suppliers, commodities and raw material in our tool powered by AI. Then we provide you visibility on a wide
    variety of risks for your specific suppliers’ network.

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    From those data we help you build a resilient and sustainable supply chains along two dimensions:

    1. A preventive risk management analysis for a reduction in “business at risk”
    2. A remedial action plan thanks to real time alerts giving you more time to response resulting in a faster recovery from incidents

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    More than just data, we provide a global approach to reduce risk exposure & costs.

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    Our tool and methodology is also designed for investment monitoring, due diligence exercises & health checks.